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INTERFEL - Inter-branch Association of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable industry
Publié le 18.04.2008

A private association recognised under the law of 10th July 1975 and the blueprint for the agriculture law of 9th July 1999
INTERFEL brings together and evenly represents the professional organisations for Production and Distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The public authorities recognise it as the only national inter-branch association for fresh fruit and vegetables and authorise it to produce inter-branch agreements which assume the force of law.

INTERFEL is been recognised by the European Union since 21st November 1996.

Operating principles
To make dialogue between the different professional partners possible and to allow INTERFEL to actually play the role it has been assigned, the inter-branch Association operates according to 3 main principles:
  • Representation
  • Parity
  • Unanimity

The principle of Representation provides a guarantee to public authorities and the European Union of the global participation of the sector in decision-making.

The principle of Parity, which allocates to each of the two branches (Production and Distribution) 50% of the votes, ensures mutual respect of the families.

The principle of Unanimity strengthens the quality of the decisions. It guarantees respect for minorities and the special features of the families.

Interfel’s tasks
  • To organise inter-professional dialogue
  • To promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • To inform the public about the benefits of a balanced diet.


To reinforce its action, the inter-branch Association focuses on several tasks:

  • Developing  dialogue and producing "inter-branch agreements" to improve the quality of fruit and vegetables 
  • Encouraging the adapting of products to meet consumer demands
  • Contributing to the management and development of internal and external markets, by better adapting products on the quantitative and qualitative levels and by promotional activities
  • Strengthening food safety particularly through traceability, in the interest of users and consumers
  • Defending and promoting the common interests of the sector.

Financing Resources

90% of Interfel's resources come from the collection of the inter-professional ad valorem contributions, paid by all the businesses in the industry.

75% of Interfel budget is dedicated to promotion programmes.